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BME helps businesses increase sales by helping them provide a valuable service to their customers.

Mechanical equipment and product designers in industries ranging from aerospace, to automotive, to electromechanical enclosures are calling on component manufacturers to provide them with 3D component files in their specific CAD formats.

Customers should be able to download components (accurate 3D models including part number, specification, sales contact information, etc.) directly into their product design quickly and easily. A sale is born—with little effort on the manufacturer’s part.

Southco Inc. is one company that had embraced this business model—and the investment is paying off. Since 1899 Southco has created innovative engineered access hardware solutions aimed at enhancing the “touch points” of their customers’ products, such as locks, latches, captive fasteners, hinges, and handles. Their product portfolio has grown to 25,000 standard catalog products and more than 50,000 custom products.

For registered users of their website, Southco now provides quality 3D models of all their products. In the first quarter of providing this service, online registrations increased by 25% and registered over 5,500 new users in the first 6 months. Over 1,750 3D models of their products are downloaded each month, greatly reducing time and costs for engineering customer service.

Mechanical engineers and product designers are busy enough these days without having to create their own 3D model of every component they buy to put in their products. Let Bradley Mechanical Engineering create 3D models from your 2D catalogs to enhance your offering to your valued customers.